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Explaination of Forum Features Empty Explaination of Forum Features

Post by CountVlad on Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:49 pm

This is an information thread on the advanced features of this forum that you can choose to use if you wish.

Visitor Messages
This is a bit like a guestbook on every user's profile page. To add an entry, go to a user's profile page and click on the Visitor Messages tap and then click New PM. You can now enter a message that will be viewable to everyone visiting that user's profile.

Points System
This is a more accurate *score* of your membership kudos. Unlike number of posts, this also takes into account the number of days you have been a member as well as the number of threads you have created. You can't gain points in the Developer, Staff or Spam areas.

Users can choose to award you reputation points if they especially like you or you post a useful comment on the forums. However, they can also take them away if you make yourself unpopular.
On post, on the right hand side, there is a plus and a minus symbol one above the other. Click on one of these to indicate approval of the post/user or disapproval. You can also click on the Thanks button on a post if you are the topic creator, which will also award reputation.

Friends and Foes
Do you especially like a user and do they especially like you? Then why not add them to your friends list? You get more reputation points, and you can easily PM them without having to find their user page again!
You can also mark another user as a Foe. This will mean that they cannot send you any PMs and you won't be able to see all of a post that they may have written.
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