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Post by CountVlad on Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:59 am

Please read the following rules and guidelines before posting on this forum:

1. Please don't swear. Although there is a filter in place, I'm by no means an expert on swear words and there may be children viewing the forum.

2. Please don't post deliberately offensive material (including posts, avatars, pictures, etc.) on this forum.

3. Please don't post violent, illegal or pornographic content on these forums. For the same reason as not swearing. Violent pictures are only ok if they are screenshots from M&B.

4. Please don't engage in bullying on this forum. No-one likes to be bullied and it is unnecessary and vindictive.

Having said all this, we do still want you to have fun, but we also want you to treat all users with respect.

Now a few guidelines. You don't have to stick to these, but we recommend you do:

1. Instead of double-posting, try editing your message.

2. Try searching for an existing topic that is on the same subject that you want to start a topic for before posting a new one. There's no point in having lots of topics all on the same subject and you may find what you were looking for quicker.

3. Adding lots of personal details about yourself can be dangerous because you don't know who is viewing them. We recommend only adding your birthdate, job, general location (e.g. Texas instead of Dallas) to these forums and maybe your hobbies, likes and dislikes.

4. Try to post in the correct section of the forum. Although an admin or moderator will move it to the correct one eventually, it helps us if people post it in the correct place.
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